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"Hi. I happened to be shopping at Walmart the other day with a gift card I got for Xmas and was looking for frozen burgers to have at home. Usually we just have chicken breasts, spaghetti, stir fry, stew etc. We usually will have a burger at a takeout place. Normally I don't like to buy frozen burgers as they shrink or don't have any taste, but I had this gift card and seen your box with 12 burgers with beef and chicken and it was a hell of a price at $16.97 for 12 burgers. When I got them home and opened up the pkg my wife thought the color of the burgers looked weird but that was probably because of the mixture of meat. Now I have got to tell u that these are the best frozen burgers I have ever had and I could say that they are pretty close to the burgers I make out at the lake when I go camping and fishing. So we are going to buy those about 1 pkg every couple of months. Keep making them."

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