Gluten-free sausages with vegetables on a barbecue


At Marcangelo, our commitment to Everything Good and an additive-free product has led us to a new challenge.

Delivering true Mediterranean taste calls for high quality meats free of fillers. Having been committed to this standard all along, taking the steps towards Gluten-Free Certification from the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) was a natural step for us.
Our goal is to make mealtime easy for Canadians who seek delicious meals inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean. We use home-style Mediterranean recipes and Everything Good: pork, beef, poultry, natural ingredients and natural flavour. With our simple food philosophy, most of our products have always been naturally free of gluten, but we have worked closely with the Allergen Control Group to ensure they meet all requirements of the GFCP.
We recognize that inadequate food labeling is a major barrier in safe shopping for those affected by Celiac disease and we are proud to be one of the first meat companies in Canada working towards removing this barrier. Our clear gluten-free labeling means that the millions of Canadians maintaining a gluten-free diet can enjoy our products with confidence.
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